purest ice forms

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Our business journey began like any other – 3am in the morning, on Day 3 of Burning Man, two kiwis found themselves sitting down next to a giant luminous ice cream in the middle of the desert. While we were taking in the unique surroundings, we started to talk about our goals for the future.

Josh has a background in Helicopter (Aviation) Engineering and Ross in Allied Health Care. Having both run successful service based businesses in our respective fields for years we were intrigued to learn that we were both hungry (thirsty) for a new challenge in business. In particular we were interested in something that didn’t involve fixing other people’s problems, but rather working with something that gave someone an experience, something that people would be wowed by and really enjoy.

We share many interests, sipping on cocktails being one, and we believe that it shouldn’t be difficult to enjoy the best of drinks with the best of friends. So when we learnt about clear ice and its advantages as well what else was possible with it, we were quick to start planning. Usually with a Negroni in hand.

Our mission is to supply Down Under (Australia and New Zealand) with the best Clear Ice experience possible. We are passionate about providing not only a world class product, but also a world class customer service experience.